Páramo wolves in Los Ilinizas

Between February 22 and 23, 2023, we had the most extreme experience with the Andean foxes we had until yesterday at the Ilinizas volcano (4,700 meters above sea level), where we were able to tag two animals with Iridium/GPS collars. A páramo wolf was named "Roberto" in honor of the lawyer Roberto Hidalgo, Mayor of Cantón Mejía, who supported our investigations with the large mammals of the Andean Bear Foundation. Special recognition to the technical team of the Environmental Direction of GAD Mejía for their unconditional support. The other Wolf was named "Gabriel" in honor of Gabriel Lemaire of Batery Ec, who supports us with his products that we use in the field. We also thank: Freddy Flores "El Gato", administrator of the New Horizons Refuge in the Ilinizas, to the MAATE park rangers of the REI Ilinizas control Pilongo; to INABIO for their scientific support and equipment in all our studies.

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